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Nitin Gadkari - Unfolding the Unlimited

Release date: 2 May 2022
₹ 395

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A generic description of Nitin Gadkari as a politician does not bring to fore the exceptional cha... Read More

Product Description

A generic description of Nitin Gadkari as a politician does not bring to fore the exceptional characteristics of his persona. To understand the man and the leader it is imperative that one first learns about these characteristics. During his life journey, Nitin Gadkari has carved a niche for himself. This makes it important to understand the efforts he has made and the caution that he has exercised while grooming himself as a public figure. His followers and admirers also are inquisitive about the early influences that shaped his thinking and mindset, the reservoir of resolve from which he drew the extra courage to surmount the setbacks and obstacles that he faced through the course of his life so far, and the source of his will power and positivity. To find the answers to these one has to peep into his life. ‘Out Of The Box Thinker: Nitin Gadkari Unfolding The Unlimited' offers this opportunity to its readers. His capability to take firm decisions has helped him transform from an ordinary man into an extraordinary personality. This definitely was not an easy journey. Scores of challenges must have obstructed his path, he must have got entangled in many struggles. But he focused on his inner power of concentration to build a personality which is often described as original and excellent. Whatever was required to improve the path of his journey, he embraced with ease and has managed his life with extreme diligence, courage and hard work. In truth, correct management is the mantra that shapes a successful life. This book is an attempt to present Nitin Gadkari's faith in management skills for readers to understand and follow. About the Author Dr Vijay Kumar Sharma, a recipient of the prestigious Padmashree Dr Vikram Marwah Smriti Hindi Gaurav Puraskar, is the national trainer for Human Resource Management subjects at JCI India. Dr Sharma has a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce and Law and a Diploma in Marketing Management and Pharmacy. He also has an MA, M.Phil and PhD.

Product Details

Title: Nitin Gadkari - Unfolding the Unlimited
Author: Dr.Vijay Sharma
Publisher: The Write Place
ISBN: 9789392091032
SKU: BK0457212
EAN: 9789392091032
Number Of Pages: 150
Language: English
Place of Publication: India
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : 18 years and above
Release date: 2 May 2022

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