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Product Description

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‘The Canal’ is a joyful tribute to adolescent mischief and adult resolve; in which a group of roguish boys must face the consequences of antagonizing the much-feared Miss Gamla. ‘Over the Wall’ celebrates the resilience and hard-won dignity of a man ravaged by leprosy as he struggles to come to terms with his malady. The dashing young army captain in ‘At Green’s Hotel’ might be the perfect gentleman—or a murderer. And in ‘The Skeleton in the Cupboard’; an old scandal is revived following a chance discovery; leading to wholly unexpected results.

By turns charming and poignant; witty and exhilarating; Secrets is vintage Bond.

Product Details

Title: Secrets
Author: Ruskin Bond
SKU: BK0033358
EAN: 9780143417491
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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