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WordIt! Card Game, Perfect for Word Game Lovers, Learn Vocabulary, Ages 8 and Up, 3 Games Inside

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EASY TO LEARN AND PLAY - WordIt! is the ultimate word game for word lovers across all ages. Learn... Read More

Product Description

EASY TO LEARN AND PLAY - WordIt! is the ultimate word game for word lovers across all ages. Learn to play in less than 5 minutes with our high quality video tutorial. Contains fun word games and puzzles, word anagrams to improve your vocabulary.
ENGAGING GAME PLAY – The perfect word game for your kids. Great for Outdoors. Great for Indoors. Interactive holiday word game. Perfect time investment for family weekend time, house parties, office breaks, or even picnics.
DEVELOP ENGLISH AND CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS - Every game is a new opportunity to sharpen your kid’s English skills, spelling, word building and encourage healthy competition while learning rare, new words! Also improves concentration and quick thinking skills.
3 EXCITING GAMES IN THE PACK - Each game is a unique word challenge. The best thing about the deck is that you can always come up with your own games to enjoy it!
WORD GAME 1 : WORD SET GO - Compete to make a combination of a 3-letter word, 4-letter word and a 5-letter word from a set of 12 cards dealt to you. Keep picking a new letter from the draw pile or top of the discard pile until you can crack the right combination.
WORD GAME 2 : RAPID SPELL - Spot words from a set of open letter cards in front of you. Shout out the longest word possible to earn the word. Keep opening new cards and compete to be the ultimate word spotter.
WORD GAME 3 : GUESS - Guess four letter words of other players based on the open letters in front of you. It's as much about knowing your opponent as it is about knowing your words.


Product Description

Why you'll love WordIt!

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Fun way to improve vocabulary

Every game is a new opportunity to sharpen your kid’s English skills, encourage healthy competition, and even learn rare, new words!

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Word. Set. Go.

Word. Set. Go.

Compete to be the first one to make 3 words.

Rapid Spell

Compete to make the longest word.


Guess your opponent’s word.

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Play anywhere

Really, anywhere. From the dining table, to your picnic spread by the beach, and even the office canteen. Fun can’t be inconvenient!

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Perfect Gift for Word Lovers

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an English connoisseur, WordIt! is everything you want your card game to be. Make your own rules to adjust to the difficulty level of your liking, and get the game going!

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No screens needed

Yep, it’s a deck of 72 cards that would make your kids forget the screens. Parents, need we say more?

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