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Discovering Jesus

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The message of Jesus is of interest to every student of religion as his followers are the highest... Read More

Product Description

The message of Jesus is of interest to every student of religion as his followers are the highest in number in the world today. But what really were the teachings of Jesus?

References from the Bible show that Jesus had twelve prominent disciples, called Apostles. One of them betrayed him which led to his crucifixion. This Apostle was replaced by another with the common consent of the remaining eleven. These Apostles had accompanied Jesus in his lifetime and are to be trusted for knowing what his real teachings were. Christianity today, in all the churches, however, is what Paul laid down. Paul had emerged shortly after the death of Jesus and had never met him in his lifetime!

This raises several questions: whether the Apostles and Paul were in conflict with each other? What was laid down by Paul as distinct from what the Apostles believed and taught? What happened to the teachings of Jesus that his Apostles were carrying? What were the real teachings of Jesus?

This book tries to find answers to these questions and brings out evidence from the Bible and the writings of Christian theologians of the past to establish that Paul fought a running battle with the Apostles in his lifetime and that the Church founded by the Apostles did not acknowledge him to be an apostle and rejected all his writings.

Discovering Jesus is a ground-breaking work on the religion followed by more than two billion people across the globe.

Product Details

Title: Discovering Jesus
Publisher: Rupa Publications India (5 May 2022); Rupa Publications India
ISBN: 9789391256333
SKU: BK0457945
EAN: 9789391256333
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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