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Toys and Games8 colorful Cubes in different sizes that stack and nestDevelops hand-eye coordinati... Read More

Product Description

Toys and Games
8 colorful Cubes in different sizes that stack and nest
Develops hand-eye coordination
Drums have animal shapes on the base
Good for color association, hand eye co-ordination, observation and general development
Children can see the different sizes and stack one on top of the other.


 Has your little one recently started taking interest in colours and shapes? Then this Funskool Stacking Cubes is a very good option which will keep him entertained as well as develop his cognitive skills.

Funskool, one of the leading toy manufacturers, has come up with this set of Stacking Cubes that contains eight cubes of different sizes and colours like two of each colour red, blue, yellow and green. The cubes have alphabets on the base. They are made of child-safe durable plastic and have no sharp edges. It is ideal for kids over 12 months of age.

Benefits of Stacking Cubes

  • Develops hand-eye coordination – When the child tries to stack one on top of the other then it automatically helps in developing the hand-eye coordination.
  • Educational – The alphabets at the base of the cubes let them learn the basics of English playfully.
  • Helps in identifying colours – The bright colours of the cubes help your child to identify the basic colours like red, blue, green and yellow.
  • Observation – Since the cubes are of different sizes, therefore while staking them, the kid has to identify the sizes which help to improve their observation power.
  • Keeps the kid occupied – In the process of stacking the cubes, your child will remain occupied for a certain period of time.
  • Provides encouragement – When your child is able to build a proper tower with the colourful cubes, he would be encouraged.

So get your little one this interesting game and helps him develop his overall motor skills.

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