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Pandit Vishnu Sharma's Panchatantra For Children

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Pandit Vishnu Sharma’s Panchatantra, retold by Shubha Vilas, is an amazing compilation of moral s... Read More

Product Description

Pandit Vishnu Sharma’s Panchatantra, retold by Shubha Vilas, is an amazing compilation of moral stories from the five books of Panchatantra, namely Mitra-bheda, Mitra­lábha, Kákolùkïyam, Labdhapranásam and Aparïksitakárakam. Filled with attractive illustrations by Ishan, and simple yet intriguing stories, the book is a great addition to a child’s library.

Product Details

Title: Pandit Vishnu Sharma's Panchatantra For Children
Author: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: Prakash Books
ISBN: 9789388810920
SKU: BK0422377
EAN: 9789388810920
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : 3 to 5 years

About Author

Shubha Vilas, author, motivational speaker and storyteller, holds a degree in Engineering and Patent Law, but he chose to leave the mainstream society to live a life of contemplation with a deep study of scriptures. His significant readers are children and adolescents because of his natural animated style of storytelling that excites readers tremendously. Meaningful education that creates character in children is his key passion. As an educator, it was always a challenge for him to inculcate in children education that built character. This led him to successfully create a Value Education module which could be incorporated into children’s existing syllabi. With this module, he now guides young minds in the right direction, inspiring a life based on values and principles. The Panchatantra by Shubha Vilas is unlike any other story book because he adds to them his own energy and insights. Every lesson becomes a practical tip that can easily be used by not only children but also adults.  Ishan Trivedi is an award winning Illustrator-Storyteller from New Delhi, India. After completing his Masters in Fine Arts from Lucknow University, Ishan has worked with several top children book publishers of India and abroad. His unique art style combines several traditional Indian Folk styles and presented with a contemporary taste. Some of his notable books are Boondi and Nimboda. He also enjoys sculpting and customizing action figures.

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