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Sand Art Rangoli - Mandalas

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Children can make 4 Sand Pictures of Mandala or Rangoli designs using Coloured sand on 4 card tem... Read More

Product Description

Children can make 4 Sand Pictures of Mandala or Rangoli designs using Coloured sand on 4 card templates provided in this kit. They can match the colours of the sand on the design provided to complete a picture these simple craft activities are great in developing the child’s concentration and patience.
While pursuing this Mandala activity, the child of this young age develops fine motor skills. As children get older, this creative activity will help further develop their fine motor skills, as well as their hand-eye coordination.
There is also a great deal of problem solving and concentration which happens as the child learns to take what is in their head, and put it onto paper. As the child learns these skills in this Mandala kit, they can transfer them to other areas of creative play. This do it yourself activity leaves out all the ‘messy’ creative activities for the child of this early age group to do thereby developing a love of the creative process involved in making the wonderful mandala designs.
All children love being creative if they are given the chance the act of being creative brings with it so many benefits. They channelize the energy levels especially for hyperactive children. The child gets involved completely in this very absorbing play activity.
Birthday Return Gifts for Kids-This Mandala kit for kids provides hours of relaxation and fun. Children can take pride of hanging the mandalas on any wall for family and friends to admire. Finally, it provides a positive outlet for the child to express itself with not just airy-fairy feel-good things, they help the child develop intellectually, physically and socially.

Brand ToyKraft
Age Range (Description) Kid
Colour Multi
Item Dimensions LxWxH 26 x 5 x 26 Centimeters
Material Paper
Seasons lace
Included Components ToyKraft
Item Weight 500 Grams
Number of Puzzle Pieces 4
Style Pack of 1


Sand Art Mandalas - Rangoli

Sand Art Mandala Rangoli

Mandalas connect you with the Universe............ With sand art the designs are quite diverse

Rangolis and Mandalas are both originally Indian festival art forms - they are both derived from Sanskrit words. Rangoli is a Hindu folk art, generally created on the floor on special festive occasions and used to decorate the entrances of homes as a floor-painting.

Rangolis and Mandala designs are vivid art and craft forms seen as beautiful two-dimensional designs.

This craft kit makes use of coloured sand of a uniform mesh and craft glue for creating the Mandala or Rangoli designs. The patterns are not done on the floor but on stiff card paper. The template designs are simple circular geometric patterns and have been especially created for children.

Eight different coloured sand are provided along glitter and craft glue. Adhesive glue serves to bind the sand on the picture and is applied on the inset area using a brush. Glitter is used to highlight border and boundaries in the picture.

Sand art is an art form which can be preserved, presented or displayed for years to come.

Stylized Mandala Templates and coloured sand


The Pack Contains :

Printed design templates; 4

Sand in sachets: 8 colours

Glitter: Silver colour in sachets

Craft glue: 1 bottle

Paint brush; 1

Containers with lids: 8

Instruction manual

In this kit 4 circular pictures of 20 cms diameter on card paper are included. They depict simple geometric designs specially meant for children. Eight different colours of uniformly meshed sand are provided in sealed sachets. The craft glue provided in the pack serves to bind the sand on the picture and can be applied with the brush provided in the kit. Also included is silver glitter which can be applied in between all the coloured sand borders.

The Sand coloured Mandalas with sparkle


Display your art works of Sand Art Mandalas

This art form uses coloured sand of a uniform mesh and craft glue for creating the Rangoli designs. The designs are not done on the floor but on stiff card paper. This form of art has permanence and can be preserved, displayed or gifted.

Additional Tips and enhancements

1. You can use the glitter glue even in the main picture besides the border to get a sparkling and highlighting effect.

2. My mixing two different coloured sands within a target area one can get a shaded effect.

3. You can preserve the Mandala/Rangoli designs by framing the pictures.

4. You can store the coloured sand in the containers for future use.

5. You can make your own craft design with the leftover sand, glitter and glue.

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