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Smartivity Eye Spy Periscope

₹ 699

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Best Gift for 6-14 yr girls & boys: Build, Play, Learn|66 Parts |BUILD TIME: 80 min |STEM Con... Read More

Product Description

Best Gift for 6-14 yr girls & boys: Build, Play, Learn|66 Parts |BUILD TIME: 80 min |STEM Concepts: Mirrors,Laws of Reflection & Momentum Transfer.
Screen Free Fun : Longer Constructive Activity,Multiple Gameplays,Core STEAM Learning and Superior Engagement Time Per Rupee than other DIY toys.
Children Learn Best Through Play: Smartivity helps in Brain Development of your child with STEAM Concepts based game/toy with Real Moving Parts & MECHANICAL ACTIONS.
Trusted By Parents, Loved By Children in 24 Countries (incl USA, Europe): Non-Toxic & Safe. Tested in global labs. Exceeds global toy safety standards. India's Global Brand.
Designed by IIT Alumni in Collaboration With Children: Evaluated and approved for Construction, STEAM Learning and Fun Quotients by Smartivity STEMNinjas.

From the manufacturer

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Children learn best through play. Our toys are designed to encourage children to make things with their hands, which brings them pride and instills a deep self-confidence. We are strongly committed to providing play-filled learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Mathematics) fundamentals through all our toys.

We believe in the power of STEM fields to redefine our future. Building Smartivity DIY toys will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and inspire creativity while keeping them entertained for hours. Our Toys introduce children to practical application of STEM fundamentals through fun-filled gameplay

We believe that with the right inspiration, motivation and access, every child can be an innovator, creator, designer and a maker of a better future. It is the perfect gift for aspiring engineers and tinkerers!

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Our DIY toys are made from high quality re-engineered wood, that is recycled, safe, non-toxic and sustainable. Each toy comes with a richly illustrated, easy-to-understand, detailed step-by-step instruction Booklet.

Follow the instructions in the booklet to build your toy. Enjoy mess free assembly with rubber bands. (no glue required). Paint your completed project to make it your own. (No paint provided).

Get ready for your adventure! Place the ship on any high surface, and adjust the height of your periscope using the push plate provided. Use your periscope to locate the ship.

Optics, Mirrors, Reflection, Field of Vision, Light

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Age 8+ years 8+ years 8+ years 6+ years
Players Single+Multiplayer Single+Multiplayer Single+Multiplayer Single+Multiplayer
Construction Time 100 minutes 180 minutes 150 minutes 120 minutes
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Indoor Indoor/Outdoor

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