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Washable Finger Paints

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Toykraft Finger painting allows toddlers and preschoolers to dabble in this form of art as it is ... Read More

Product Description

Toykraft Finger painting allows toddlers and preschoolers to dabble in this form of art as it is difficult for them to do it with a paintbrush. The great thing about painting for children is that each painting is truly a work of art to them... even if you can't tell what it is. Finger painting with children can also be a great way for them to explore their art skills by experiment, cause and effect, learn about colours and see the magic of new colours when mixed.
Non-toxic Finger Paints for Kids – easily washes from skin and most clothes. Perfect set of hand painting colours for kids.
This kids painting kit contains 5 Child-safe approved and tested finger paints in large containers - 100 of each colour and sponge. The jars are just perfect for those little fingers making hand painting easy for kids
Finger Painting is especially suited for very young children who cannot paint with a brush. Finger painting serves as a perfect launch-pad for them to experiment with colour and as a form of their expression and individuality. Getting their fingers into the child-safe paints, mixing colours, learning cause, and effect from inside - the pot to outside - on the paper is a thrilling experience provided by these Toykraft Finger Paints.
Finger painting is so addictive that it does not stop after the first or second effort but continues on as the toddler get completely hooked on to this art form. Subsequently, it discovers deeper facets of the art skills and comes out with amazing pictures that would not have been possible with a paintbrush. The nails can be used for etching, signing, and creating borders. Toddlers can even use the spatula provided in the kit to get the effect of nails.

Brand ToyKraft
Colour mix
Finish Type Semi-Gloss
Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Item Volume 100 Cubic Centimetres
Special Feature Washable
Net Quantity 1 count
Paint Type Watercolour
Specific Uses For Product Interior/Exterior
Surface Recommendation Paper


Washable Finger Paints .....Painting without Brush .....!!!

Finger painting

Finger paint is a kind of paint intended to be applied with the fingers. It typically comes in pots and is used by small children.

Washable finger paints are very useful especially for Infants to improve sensory development, stimulate gross motor and fine motor skills of hands and fingers.

They encourage children to probe and experiment in recognizing colours and mixing to get new hues

Product Description

• Kids’ Paint in 5 different colours: blue, green, red, yellow and white

• Premium quality– easily washes from skin and most clothes

• Colours come in transparent leak-proof screw-cap wide mouth bottles

• Water based paints

• Creamy texture and colours can be mixed to get same consistency

• Non-toxic conforms to EN-71 safety norms

This creative art form has been used by both children and adults for artistic expression and therapeutic and developmental purposes and has been around for centuries. Finger painting is painting done with the hand and fingers instead of a brush. The paint is thick and tends to be a bit creamy and works best when applied to a smooth, slick surface, or glossy paper.

Finger painting on plain templates showing different levels of artistic skills

picture 3

You can print templates on art paper or card and then finger paint on them with your artistic skills

Finger Painting for toddlers and parents to do together When toddlers begin to paint, they may not be able to control a paint brush or paint that is too drippy, like tempera paint. It is better for parents to introduce the idea of painting to young children with finger paints instead.

They love the gooey feeling of paint oozing between their fingers. The little ones like to watch different designs develop on the paper. Most of them also like the mess that comes along with finger painting.

And yet a lot of parents never introduce the art of finger painting to toddlers or young children because they fear the disastrous mess it will leave. However, if you follow certain precautions your toddler will have a blast and you won't mind the small amount of preparation and clean-up involved.

What will toddlers paint?

When toddlers grow to become young children and begin to work with paint, they are not concerned about creating a work of art, but they are most interested in how things feel and what happens to the paint as it is applied in different ways. They will probably not be able to make a painting of something, and should be encouraged to manipulate the paint in different ways.

finger paints 1 finger paints 2 39684-3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - WHEELS 39686-3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - ANIMALS 39687-3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - WINGS
Number of Templates 18 12 20 20 20
Number of Finger Paints 5 5 5 5 5
Themes Finger Painting Finger Painting Finger Painting, Puzzles, Sand art Finger Painting, Puzzles, Mosaic Finger Painting, Puzzles, Sequin art
Age 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+






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