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Tweak X Crossword Book Club

Tweak and Crossword have teamed up to present India's
most ambitious Book Club curated by Twinkle Khanna.

Expect stellar book recommendations, monthly
giveaways, author signed copies & an opportunity
to meet your favourite authors, there's lots in store!

Book #14 - July 2024

““A gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat””

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #13 - June 2024

“I’ve learnt so much from reading this book. It’s filled with simple lessons that can be applied to any aspect of your life”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #12 - May 2024

“This is a book that will make you feel submerged, in a watery grave, with bright hair tying you to the page one word at a time.”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #11 - April 2024

“Like the title suggests, this is a book that you must swallow in tiny bites and feel satiated all the same.”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #10 - March 2024

“A delightful way of bringing the age-old tradition of our grandmothers telling us stories to a new generation.”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #9 - February 2024

“A sweeping saga that is completely immersive”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #8 - January 2024

“This book has so many twists that it will keep your head spinning and your heart absolutely full.”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #7 - December 2023

“Its five stories feature a broad spectrum of ideas:
Influential teachers, family banter at momentous occasions, vivid scenes of small-town life. They tug at the heartstrings,
serve up nostalgia, present moments of rumination and elicit chuckles. Mrs Funnybones has upped her game.”

- HT Brunch

Book #6 - November 2023

"A great read, with female friendships and a positive attitude towards sex right at the centre.”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #5 - October 2023

"These stories are oddly fascinating, and I promise you will never look at your toilet bowl in the same way again.”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #4 - September 2023

"Funny, smart and so cosy that you want to give the book a tight hug.”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #3 - August 2023

“Fool Me Once definitely fooled me multiple times with it’s relentless twists and turns. I am delignted that
we chose this book with a formidable female protagonist,
as our getaway into the world of thrillers.”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #2 - July 2023

“Chitra Banerjee Divakurni has an incredible ability to peel open her characters”

- Twinkle Khanna

Book #1 - June 2023

“This book is sweet, its sad and it will make you cackle with laughter from one page to the next.”

- Twinkle Khanna