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Amazing Ayodhya (Hindi)

Release date: 18 January 2024
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After toppling the monarchs of the hallowed land of Bharat, Babur unleashed a menacing wrath upon... Read More

Product Description

After toppling the monarchs of the hallowed land of Bharat, Babur unleashed a menacing wrath upon the innocent Hindu populace. He indulged in the most heinous acts of savagery against blameless Hindus, all to earn the ominous title of 'Ghazi' - the plunderer of 'zar' (wealth), 'zoru' (women), and 'zameen' (land) from unbelievers. He firmly believed that as long as the Rama Janmabhoomi temple stood and Lord Rama was revered, these Hindu infidels would not convert to Islam. Consequently, in 1528, he razed the temple and erected the Babri Masjid upon its ruins.

Yet, despite the unrelenting tides of destruction, Hindus refused to forsake their faith. Instead, they offered their lives like matches, willingly sacrificing themselves to keep the flame of Ayodhya ablaze. Not only did ordinary Hindus lay down their lives, but countless poets and writers, through ceaseless writing and singing, dedicated their very existence to keep the glory of Prabhu Rama, his temple, and Ayodhya burning bright in the hearts and minds of millions.

What makes Shri Rama's Ayodhya so extraordinary? What is so special about it that countless have extinguished themselves to preserve it? Embark on a quest for knowledge that unveils the long-kept secrets of ancient Ayodhya. This journey will deepen your understanding of Ayodhya's profound significance, igniting within you a newfound and invigorated sense of pride in your identity as a Hindu.

Neena Rai


Product Details

Title: Amazing Ayodhya (Hindi)
Author: Neena Rai
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
SKU: BK0487003
EAN: 9789356409071
Number Of Pages: 274
Language: Hindi
Binding: Paperback
Release date: 18 January 2024

About Author

Neena Rai was born in Pune, India. She is an alumna of the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. Neena is passionate about writing and understanding the wisdom contained in the Hindu scriptures. She has been studying Sanskrit for years to understand dharmic texts. She is also fluent in English, Hindi, Bhojpuri and has learnt Spanish, Arabic and Urdu. Neena is an accomplished abstract artist. In the past, apart from working in media, she has also worked as a fashion model and an international flight attendant.

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