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Confessions of a Young Man

Release date: 5 July 2023
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George Moore wrote Confessions of a Young Man as a memoir, which constitutes one of the most sign... Read More

Product Description

George Moore wrote Confessions of a Young Man as a memoir, which constitutes one of the most significant documents of the passionate revolt of English literature against the Victorian tradition. It is significant because it reveals clearly the sources of that revolt and is, in a sense, the history of an era—the one that is just closing. The book represents one of the great discoveries of English literature: a discovery that had been made from time to time before, and that is now being made anew in our own generation—the discovery of human nature. The book is remarkable for being one of the first writings in English that named important emerging French Impressionists, its literary criticism and depictions of the bohemian lifestyle in Paris during the 1870s and 1880s.

Product Details

Title: Confessions of a Young Man
Author: George Moore
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
SKU: BK0495125
EAN: 9789357023016
Number Of Pages: 208
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Country Of Origin: India
Release date: 5 July 2023

About Author

Born and raised in South Africa. Writer of all sorts of stories, from fiction to nonfiction. Investigative and crime stories from South Africa to the world. Mr Robert is a qualified internal auditor passionate about reading and writing stories to keep his supporters informed and entertained. Self ordained as a philosopher of life, he spends his time engaging in progressive communication, educative debates and religious growth seminars. His first book aims to educate and remind the female gender about how powerful and capable they are. its titled dignity, to install a sense of self-worth in them as he tells his testimonials based on his own experiences being raised by phenomenal independent single woman who rose in the midst of challenges and keep their families in tact. His second book series is all about entertainment and challenging the mind of the readers, a story of three school dropouts that built a criminal empire out of chance, becoming so good at it that the world around them kept wondering how they kept it running for so long without realizing that everything that happens to them is part of their plan. The puzzling criminal comedy features the richness of the African linguistic rainbow culture. with many more titles coming, we suggest you keep close and in tabs here and out there. GEORGE ROBERT

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