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Economic Illusions

Release date: 01-05-2023
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I leave you with some questions …Is the concept of modern economy the reason that leads humansto ... Read More

Product Description

I leave you with some questions …
Is the concept of modern economy the reason that leads humans
to an inorganic world?
Did the economy commercialise the innate interactions of people?
Barter to bearer we are today because of the overgrown economy?
Diseases are gifts of the flourished economy, aren’t they?
Is the economy a major threat to the existence of its own makers?
Did the economy teach us to dream?
Is inequality growing due to uncontrolled economic growth?
Are crime rate and economic growth having a direct proportional
Is that an economy that proposes a plan to the human mind to
create another planet to invest on?
We learnt that today is life. But did we misinterpret it and
consume all resources sans considering the inheritors?
The economy created a single rich group of humans over the
globe, and is the same bringing a conclusion to that kind?

Product Details

Title: Economic Illusions
Author: Sajikumar
Publisher: The Write Place
SKU: BK0476602
EAN: 9789392091261
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Country Of Origin: India
Release date: 01-05-2023

About Author

Sajikumar is an author, regular blogger, column writer, analyst of socioeconomic issues, wildlife watcher and environmentalist.

A successful entrepreneur, now he spends most of his time working on creating a human living environment without infringing the law of nature. He believes what the new world has set is not a convention but a violation of customs in contravention of the order of nature.

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