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How The Body Knows Its Mind

Release date: 25 December 2027
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How does pacing around the room enhance creativity? Why does walking in nature boost concentratio... Read More

Product Description

How does pacing around the room enhance creativity? Why does walking in nature boost concentration skills? Do Botox users really experience less depression? What causes fitter children to score higher in exams?

The answers to these questions can all be found in 
How the Body Knows Its Mind, as psychologist Sian Beilock reveals extraordinary ways you can use your body to improve your mind and your performance in all areas of life.

If you've ever gestured wildly with your hands in order to coax a word from your memory, or if you've sat up straighter in a meeting to feel more confident and alert, then you already know some of the ways the body can make an impact on the mind. But what if that's just the tip of the iceberg? Recent research shows that the brain is not the master control centre we had always assumed, and the extent to which the body affects the brain is greater than we'd ever imagined.

The way we move affects our thoughts, our decisions and our preferences, and children absorb more when they use their bodies as a learning tool. This new science of 'embodied cognition' illuminates the power of our bodies and our physical surroundings to shape how we think, feel and behave.

From the tricks used by advertisers, to how to conquer fears of public speaking, Beilock explains a wealth of fascinating interconnections between mind and body and shows how mastering them can make you happier, safer and more successful.


Product Details

Title: How The Body Knows Its Mind
Author: Sian Beilock
SKU: BK0483909
EAN: 9781472136060
Number Of Pages: 288
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Release date: 25 December 2027

About Author

Sian Beilock, a leading expert on the brain science behind human performance, is a professor in the psychology department at the University of Chicago. She has PhDs in both kinesiology and psychology from Michigan State University, and received an award for Transformative Early Career Contributions from the Association for Psychological Science in 2011.

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