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HOW TO GET TO AWESOME: 101 Ways to Find Your Best Self

Release date: 5 March 2023
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Awesome people choose to be optimisticAwesome people are purposefulAwesome people are honestAweso... Read More

Product Description

Awesome people choose to be optimistic
Awesome people are purposeful
Awesome people are honest
Awesome people are generous
Awesome people are good leaders
Be awesome!

Each of us has within ourselves the potential to be great. No, not just great—awesome. Yet, all too often, we find ourselves acting as spectators in our own lives. 
How to Get to Awesome shows you fun, practical and inspirational ways to be your best self, making it easy to incorporate simple changes in your day-to-day life. By identifying the main characteristics of positive people and establishing 101 concrete, easy-to-follow steps to enhance those virtues, this book enables true, personal transformation to anyone willing to commit to being awesome

Product Details

Title: HOW TO GET TO AWESOME: 101 Ways to Find Your Best Self
Author: Rhonda Sciortino
Publisher: Rupa & Co; First Edition
SKU: BK0485695
EAN: 9789355208576
Number Of Pages: 144
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Country Of Origin: India
Release date: 5 March 2023

About Author

My first book, From Foster Care to Millionaire, eventually became Succeed Because Of What You've Been Through, which was originally a letter to a 17-year-old girl who was making bad decisions at 100 mph. (That young woman is now an awesome wife, mom and hair stylist who is living her best life!) I never thought I'd become an author, but when Succeed Because was published, the Today Show invited me on, then other shows invited me, and I received invitations to come speak, and then the president of a publishing company asked me if I thought there were any other books in me. 15 books later--I guess I'm an author! I write from my heart about what I know is true about the power of faith, love, kindness and prayer to change us and our circumstances. I also write about surviving and thriving. I know about these things because I experienced abandonment, neglect, abuse, poverty and homelessness when I was a little girl. I emancipated from the child welfare system when I was 16 and spent over 25 years protecting and defending the good people and organizations that care for children who were mistreated. My company, Child Welfare Insurance Services, gave me the opportunity to help make the child welfare system safer for the kids who were thrust into it. I've literally spent a lifetime trying to understand how abuse changes us, and how it can, if we live through it and let it, make us better, deeper more caring people. I sold my company and founded Successful Survivors Foundation, an educational non profit organization that exists to help victims of trauma mine the lessons out of their painful experiences and use those things to create successful lives. The kinds of lessons I'm talking about are the things we learn to survive like reading faces and body language, knowing when to run, when to redirect the conversation (I think they teach that at Quantico), when to make a joke, and when to fight back. I'm also talking about the character traits and survival skills that we develop when we are in the fat middle of painful situations. We become strong, courageous, resourceful, empathetic, perseverant and resilient people--there's more but you'll have to get my book, Successful Survivors--the 8 character traits of survivors and how you can attain them, to find out what they are 😉. I wrote Love Is Action--how to change the world with love (written to help people change their neighborhoods and communities), The Kindness Quotient--how the power of kindness creates success at home, at work and in the world, Acts of Kindness--101 ways to make our world a better place, 30 Days To Happiness (featured on the Ellen Show and sent out to thousands of people in her monthly Kind Box), How To Get To Awesome--101 ways to find your best self, 30 Days To Love--daily meditations and actions for creating a life of love, Keys To Answered Prayer, The Prayer That Covers It All, and more. My purpose in life is to help other people find and live their purpose, so I host the FIND YOUR PURPOSE NOW Podcast, which can be found on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, YouTube and many other places. Because writing my first book was such a life changing experience for me, I created an online, self-paced course to share everything I learned to help other people write their books. We all have a story, so if you'd like me to help you tell yours, please check out the Write Your Book in Days Course on my website under Online Courses.

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