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Nastik: Why I Am Not An Atheist

Release date: 3 April 2024
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Nastik chronicles the transformative journey of a modern Indian sceptic who initially embraced We... Read More

Product Description

Nastik chronicles the transformative journey of a modern Indian sceptic who initially embraced Western neo-atheism. It begins with the protagonist’s disillusionment with religious dogma and his subsequent adoption of Western neo-atheism, characterized by a staunch denial of theism and a critique of religion’s influence on society.

As the narrative unfolds, he encounters the rich tapestry of Indian philosophy. He discovers the nuanced perspectives of nastik schools of thought in Indian tradition, such as Charvaka, Jainism and certain interpretations of Buddhism, which reject the authority of the Vedas and the existence of a creator god yet engage deeply with ethical and philosophical questions.

His transformation into a nastik and Nirishvarwaadi is marked by an appreciation for the complexity of Eastern scepticism, which often intertwines with spiritual and moral considerations unlike the more direct and often materialistic scepticism prevalent in the West. The book delves into the differences between Western and Eastern scepticism, highlighting how Eastern traditions offer a nuanced view that accommodates doubt within a spiritual framework.

As his worldview evolves, he critiques the emergence of neo-atheism’s successor, ‘wokeism’, which he argues marks a shift from scepticism to a new form of dogmatism. He argues that neo-atheism inadvertently paved the way for wokeism by undermining traditional structures without offering a sustainable alternative, leading to a vacuum that wokeism has filled with its own set of moral certainties.

At the penultimate stage, the protagonist explores the concept of Hindu scepticism, which is considered part of the broader Hindu tradition. The inclusiveness of this tradition highlights the unique ability of dharma to absorb various strands of thought. As the narration closes, he learns that at the heart of dharmic traditions lies a commitment to mutual respect, reciprocity and ahimsa (non-violence), which have allowed for a diverse array of beliefs and practices to coexist and flourish within the Indian philosophical landscape.





Product Details

Title: Nastik: Why I Am Not An Atheist
Author: Kushal Mehra
Publisher: BluOne Ink
SKU: BK0503813
EAN: 9789392209673
Number Of Pages: 318
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Country Of Origin: India
Release date: 3 April 2024

About Author

Kushal Mehra is a former textile- entrepreneur-turned-podcaster based in Mumbai. He is a dharmic sceptic and believes that scepticism is elevating. His principal interest lies in articulating Indian scepticism using Indian epistemological frameworks. Kushal is the host of the hugely popular Cārvāka Podcast, where he discusses sports, philosophy, public policy, current affairs, history, economics, etc., with his guests. Kushal holds a master’s degree in philosophy and draws heavily from it for his podcast, where he engages an eclectic list of guests on a wide range of topics. Today, when society is deeply polarised and discussions cantankerous, Kushal brings a breath of fresh air by conducting debates in a civilised manner. Through his podcast and writing, Kushal attempts to answer some of contemporary’s most vexing topics in a freewheeling chat.

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