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Penguin Select Classics: The Iliad

Release date: 11 April 2024
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"“Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen, but his country’s cause” Often... Read More

Product Description

"“Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen, but his country’s cause”
Often considered the first great book of literature, The Illiad is an epic poem which set the stage for all larger-than-life dramas the creative world has since witnessed.
It tells the story of the darkest episode of the most retold Trojan War. It’s an epic poem, with beautiful lyrical tone, set around an eternal love story, an eternal friendship, and an eternal enmity.
At the centre of the story is Achilles, the greatest warrior-champion of the Greeks, the great principled and morally upright King Priam offering valuable insights to life, the beautiful Helen and all the mistakes one makes in love, war, and life.
The Illiad is a must read for all fond of beautifully strung words that pull at heart strings with a deep sense of catharsis."

Product Details

Title: Penguin Select Classics: The Iliad
Author: Homer
Publisher: Penguin
SKU: BK0503501
EAN: 9789815162653
Number Of Pages: 400
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover
Country Of Origin: India
Release date: 11 April 2024

About Author

Homer is a legendary figure in ancient Greek literature and is widely considered one of the greatest poets of all time. However, very little is known about his, it is generally believed that Homer lived in the 8th or 7th century BCE in the city of Smyrna (modern-day Izmir, Turkey) on the western coast of Anatolia. He is believed to have been blind and to have composed his epic poems orally, reciting them to his audience of listeners. Homer’s two most famous works are The Iliad and The Odyssey. His poems have been translated into many different languages and have inspired countless works of art, including paintings, sculptures, operas, and films. They have also influenced other writers throughout history, from Virgil to Dante to James Joyce. Homer’s legacy as a poet and storyteller has endured for centuries.

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