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Upside Down Fitness

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Upside a Down is a Practical FITNESS book for those who do not have the time or find it difficult... Read More

Product Description

Upside a Down is a Practical FITNESS book for those who do not have the time or find it difficult to diet and exercise. It covers many topics that allow the reader to remain FIT, SLIM and HEALTHY in an easy and doable manner. It is just the opposite of what you know about fitness, a rather inverse approach, therefore the title of the book is “Up Side Down” Fitness. The book covers more than common areas covered in fitness books, including healthy diet, fitness tips, weight loss tips, exercises, training, Supplements, low-cal recipes and Motivational Advise. But its innovation is the emphasis on SMART FITNESS regimen. Smart Fitness not only consists of extensive workouts and low-calorie diet plans but also managing the workouts in the leftover time intervals during the hectic schedules. And most importantly the workouts have to enjoyable and be suited to your own personnel requirements. The book also discusses the impact of sleep and stress on overall Health, Fitness and Slimming goals. Upside Down Fitness emphasizes that raw Indian cooking materials readily available in the kitchen are enough to support a healthy lifestyle. To make the reader experience more authentic she has added motivational advise on fitness from corporate men and women from around the world. Upside Down Fitness will change the way you look at fitness and ensure that even if you have 5 minutes a day you can remain Fit, Slim and Healthy. FREE WITH THE BOOK 10 Week Indian Food Weight Loss Meal Plan & Beginners Guide to Yoga Exercises.

Product Details

Title: Upside Down Fitness
Author: Manisha Israni
Publisher: The Write Place
ISBN: 9789387282575
SKU: BK0440330
EAN: 9789387282575
Number Of Pages: 243 pages
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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