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Who's In Charge?

Release date: 2021-10-08 00:00:00 +0530
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Awaken Your Awareness Use your mind, don’t let it use you. No matter who you are or what your ... Read More

Product Description

Awaken Your Awareness

Use your mind, don’t let it use you.

No matter who you are or what your background is, you are worthy of a content and fruitful life. All you need to do is be aware of the manipulations of your mind. Human mind can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

With the help of many real-life examples and anecdotes, bestselling author Anand Patkar delves into the intricacies of human mind to illustrate that contrary to popular belief it is possible to rewire your mind to make it work for you.

Patkar equates one’s chaotic state of mind to a monkey to explain the havoc it can cause if left unchecked. In the same way, he compares the inborn wisdom we all possess to “Moorti Within”,
a God-like quality that unfortunately gets eclipsed when a person is in the grip of a cocktail of emotions.

So who’s really in charge of your life? Monkey or Moorti?

Read on to know how to regain control of your supreme consciousness to lead a life full of peace and happiness each day.

ANAND PATKAR had a life-changing experience in 1980. He discovered lasting peace, happiness and tranquility. Since then, with this transformed perspective, he has been leading his life as a corporate manager and advisor, teacher and trainer, and a family man. He has been working on sharing this experience with as many people as possible. His first book Master the Mind Monkey: Experience Your Excellence was a bestseller. This is his second book. To know more, write to him at

Product Details

Title: Who's In Charge?
Author: Anand Patkar
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
ISBN: 9789391019679
SKU: BK0444076
EAN: 9789391019679
Number Of Pages: 204 pages
Language: English
Place of Publication: India
Binding: Paperback
Release date: 2021-10-08 00:00:00 +0530

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