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Winning Middle India

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T.N. Hari (Author) T.N. HARI wears different hats: co-founder of the Artha School of Entrepreneu... Read More

Product Description

T.N. Hari (Author)
T.N. HARI wears different hats: co-founder of the Artha School of Entrepreneurship, author, angel investor, adviser at the Fundamentum Partnership, evangelist, thought leader and influencer in the start-up ecosystem. He is an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta. He
has co-authored eight books and is also a columnist at Mint. His books Saying No to Jugaad, From Pony to Unicorn and Diversity beyond Tokenism have been bestsellers. He has been part of the leadership teams at five start-ups and helped shape their growth until
successful exits, including an IPO on Nasdaq, and three of the five start-ups have gone on to become unicorns. He is also passionate about helping founders build great companies and supporting women leaders in discovering their potential.

Bala Srinivasa (Author)
BALA SRINIVASA, a BITS Pilani alumnus, has had a diverse career as a Wall Street analyst, CXO in two global start-ups and as a venture capital investor. Bala's fascination with markets and innovation started as an equity analyst in San Francisco during the first dot-com boom and bust. He was subsequently part of leadership teams at two start-ups where he ran global
sales and marketing teams leading to scale and exits. As an investor, Bala has partnered with entrepreneurs, reimagining and tackling complex problems for India's largest markets, such as consumer lending, retail investing, marketplaces, digital-financial infrastructure,
blue-collar skilling and SaaS software, among others. Bala was previously partner at Kalaari Capital and is now managing director and co-founder at Arkam Ventures.

Is there a fundamental new catalyst that can significantly enhance access, affordability and quality of products and services to hundreds of millions of Indians? This catalyst is in the form of a new generation of start-up founders who are leveraging technology platforms, smartphone access, and rapid digitization of the Indian consumer. These young founders don't carry the baggage of the past and are attracted to the opportunity of breaking open the massive market of Middle India-the next 400-500M Indians just below the top of the pyramid. This book is about this new and powerful force of change blowing across India-what it takes to harness this and reshape the destiny of this country.

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Title: Winning Middle India
SKU: BK0463415
EAN: 9780670096800
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover

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